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New! Bloodbath Board Game.

2019-10-11 22:21:53 by Grimly Darkfold

Check out the new Bloodbath board game on sale now on SL marketplace.

I'm still here.

2019-10-08 09:17:29 by Grimly Darkfold

I wanted to address a rumor that I'm not part of GCS or Second Life anymore. This rumor is false. I'm still involved with GCS and still run the main store, Grimly's Bloodbath and Beyond. Joeey Aura is still an equal partner of GCS and as always, from the beginning, he writes all the scripts for GCS.

What has changed is my schedule. Do to a demanding job and really high bills, I need to work seven days a week. I try to log onto SL once a day for about an hour to answer questions and help customers. This is why there haven't been any new weapons in a while. I'm just very busy with my RL job. I have also been very sick this past month. The illness has left me partially deaf. The ENT has said that it should pass over time. Let's hope that it's true.

If you have questions about GCS, please, feel free to approach Joeey Aura or myself, Grimly Darkfold. Leave me a note card if I'm not online, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support.

GCS AR10b updated.

2019-09-21 14:09:45 by Grimly Darkfold

Updated GCS AR10b. Get the updated version by wearing your previous model. The AR10b is a special weapon that can only be purchsed with GCS coins from GCS coin operated vendors.

Happy 4th

2019-07-05 18:12:02 by Grimly Darkfold

We hope you had a great Independence Day.

Happy St.Patrick's Day

2019-03-16 17:31:14 by Grimly Darkfold

Have a Happy St Patrick's day 2019